Alcohol does not have any nutrients. Best to eat when consuming because your body needs to get it’s fuel. If you drink without eating, your body will need to consume itself( primarily muscle) to provide the necessary fuel.  This will negatively impact your metabolism.

7 calories per gram

1oz shot of hard liquor is 60 -80 calories depending on type

6oz Red or white wine is 130 calories

12 oz typical Beer is 140-150 calories

12 oz light beer is 100 calories

Avoid drinking sugary drinks

Eat food when you drink. This will help stabilize blood sugar. Replace heavy carbs with lighter carbs such as veggies. Ex. Piece of Salmon ( protein and Fat), veggies , glass of wine.

Avoid drinking alcohol at bed time . It can cause an imbalance between your REM and non-REM sleep.